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Balgram, second home for kids, is a dedicated firm to nurture love and affection to babies, toddlers and kids. A full time day care center run by a team of females with common vision and mission to create a homely, playful and learning environment for the children. Here, the word “Gram” has been envisioned to inculcate our cultural values to the kids contributing to their all-around development keeping them safe, comforted and happy.
Being a second home to the kids, your little one would get to play, live and meet new friends. We have different academic activities, outdoor and indoor sports, rest time, music and entertainment. All these activities would enact as simulators for the child’s interaction and de elopement. We ensure complete kids day care activities, clean & hygienic center and excellent transportation services to the working couples and work desiring mothers enabling to manage & balance their work, kids and home.

Full Day Care

Balgram is considered to be the one of the Best Day Care center in jaipur for the best services in child care. Full day service facility mainly cater to toddlers i.e children below two and half years and above nine months.Here the focus

  • Maintaining healthy and hygienic surroundings throughout the day.
  • Strict Illness policy. Basic facility of first aid available.
  • Activities are customized categorically as per different age groups. Activities basically comprised of physical activities & games, silence time, individual & group activities, meals, rests and naps.

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After School

Balgram is undeniably a perfect solution to the parents who need day care facilities after school. Kids would surely avail the advantage of being highly relaxed after school which is much needed. Different facilities are deployed for the kids like

  • Timely rests and naps.
  • Proper and hygienic meals facility.
  • Homework completion facility.

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Hourly Care

Balgram is be considered to be the most identified Creche in the pink city where parents can avail the advantages of the hourly care services in regards to their kids. Balgram has got a highly dependable team of experts being able to provide Child Hourly Care for certain number of hours in a day or week.

  • Kids meals care
  • Short-Term Drop-off Child Care service
  • Special care as per the hours allotted.
  • Hourly care is available only in the business hours specified by Balgram

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Pick & Drop facility

In the case of any emergency, Balgram provides instantaneous Child pick & drop facility in Jaipur that helps the parents immensely in order to accomplish their urgent work.

  • Connect with Balgram for any emergency related child pick & drop needs
  • Utmost importance to the Child safety
  • Balgram always Prefers to female person for the child pick and drop facility. They would be official core members of the Balgram team.

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